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Self-Paced Online Learning

Which would you rather have? Learning at your own pace or at a pace dictated by someone else?

Our self-paced learning programs provide you the freedom to learn when and how you want, with the following benefits:
1. A learning culture that Is both flexible and engaging
2. A profit-generating learning model that is scalable
3. A low-cost, convenient, and self-directed setting
4. On-the-Go Learning With remote and mobile connectivity
5. Curated content to meet every student’s needs 
6. Adaptable to various learning styles 

Classrooom Lessons

Are you ready to improve your practical abilities through learning-by-doing? Getting more Hands-on?

Enroll in one of our East-African partner VTIs to advance your skills through RE seminars, laboratory simulations, or hands-on activities that follow a four-tier strategy of:

  1. We utilize a Technical & Didactical approach in course delivery.
  2. Teach the class as a whole.
  3. Make small groups as target audience.
  4. Private and individualized instruction.

Blended Learning

The New Normal!

The “new normal” in course delivery, albeit confined to the present partner regional VTIs in East Africa, encompasses all teaching strategies from both worlds.

TVET is in Our Blood

Sun Guru collaborates with Vocational Institutes and Donor Organizations such as UNESCO’s-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, GIZ, and the European Union to provide a variety of educational opportunities, including professional training courses, qualifications, and conferences, to promote best practice and knowledge sharing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Our Instructors

TVET Instructors and Trainers for long have been regarded as the backbone of a country’s Economic Development.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of TVET education is that the knowledge and abilities of TVET teachers or instructors can quickly become obsolete. As a result of fast technological progress. Our instructors use the most up-to-date technology that is used in real-world situations in business.

James Turyagyenda

Basic Solar PV 

Joshua Oladimye

Integrated Systems

Manfred Becker

Advanced Solar PV and Electrical

Cornelia Zupp

TVET Development

Ritah Twikirize

IoT’s for RE Techs

Join the Revolution

Free Courses

Our free online courses offer a cost-effective and convenient method to master new skills and research new and developing R-E topics.

Bespoke Courses

As a reliable TVET partner in the regional. We will examine your needs and design Tailor-Made R-E Courses and trainings with you step by step. .

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